Dr pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute

Dr pepper Museum Outside View

Open most days at ten in the morning, the Dr Pepper museum is a great place to bring the family, bring a date, bring a friend, and explore!

There is a nominal addimision fee and visitors who pay admission (any price, discounts included) get a free Dr Pepper handcrafted at the museums Soda Fountain. Dr pepper Museum Soda Fountain

Obviously you can visit their website for more information, it is the twenty first century after all.

On the museum’s website you will not only find information about the museum, such as location and so on, but also many fun activities!

There is a scavenger hunt, a quiz, and even an online store! Nice!

If memorabilia is your thing then you will love the website shop and you will love the museum! It celebrates Dr Pepper in the most retro and simultaneously modern way.

This museum is also cool because it has a huge collection of objects related to Dr Pepper specifically, the soft drink industry, and the various other brands that make the industry.

The collection is also made up mostly of donations! So cool!

In fact, you may have some items that you want to get off your hands and the museum may want! Consider donating to the museum!

There is nothing like some wholesome family fun paired with some neat bits of knowledge and history!